Gallery - We won't forget - Gush Katif

Dog tag "we won't forget"
Dog tag "we won't forget". Pure silver: 145 nis. Silver coated: 25 nis.

Medalion Magen david with torn base
Medalion from pure silver (135 nis) or silver coated (35 nis). designed as Magen David with torn base with the names of settlements destroyed. 35 mm.

"Asir zion in zion"
Cooper medal given by M.K. prof. Arieh Eldad to people in jale in the civil disobediance. 50 m.m. Price: 40 nis.

Iarel flag - 1 year after expulsion

Tehilim - Key holder
Silver coated Key holder with miniature Tehillim. 35 nis.

Dog tags - won't forget

synagogue stamps
32 burning and destroyed synagogue stamps

Amona pogrom
32 Protest stamp stickers

Amona pogrom
6 Amona pogrom stickers

Amona pogrom
2 Amona sticker stamps

Amona pogrom
One of 32 amona pogrom sticker stamps

The key to Gush Katif
" Nizkor veNachzor" the key to the Uprooted

"Won't Forget"-Silver embossment
"Won't Forget" Copper/Silver embossment picture Framed large size-55cm/60 small-36/39cm.

"If I forget thee, O Jerusalem, ..."
Artistic Sand Blasted Glass, to be hanged on the wall

"Won't forget & Won't forgive"
Necklace Medalion silver or coated, with the names of the settlements distroyed on the back.

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